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Before Your Consultation...

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

So you have your meeting booked and we’re ready to go! With you’re stationery set, you’ll receive a Save the Date, Invitation, Reception/Details, and RSVP card. There are a surprising amount of details that go into planning your cards, so here are some of the things to keep in mind to best prepare for our meeting. The more details you have nailed down, the sooner I’ll be able to get to work on your set.

1. Template, Partially Custom, or Fully Custom?

I currently have four themed collections with three separate sets to choose from posted under Stationery. LUXE is a chic, minimal black and white collection (Porcelain, Blanc, Ivory). FLEUR is a group of floral designs (Peonies, Please!, Rouge, Sage). LA MER is a watercolor theme inspired by beach tones and agate (Azul, Seafoam, Soleil). KATE is a fun, sassy collection inspired by New York City (Champagne, Blush, Black Tie). If you choose one of these pre-designed sets, the fonts, colors, and layouts would stay the same. I can work from any of these templates, or do a partially custom, or fully custom design. Choosing a template is the least expensive option.

You can also choose a partially customized design. This would include changing the basics, like design and color of the font or background. Another feature of the partially customized set would be to include photos, but still fit the overall theme. We can also rearrange the layouts in this package (moving positioning of floral/watercolor graphics, using the graphics originally on the Reception/Details card for the Invite, etc.) Some couples like to do this especially for the Save the Date. Prices would vary slightly if you choose to print on card stock or photo paper (a printed matte or glossy picture is more expensive than printing on card stock.

Although the most expensive choice, you can also opt for a fully customized set. For instance, you might want a floral design but with colors and flowers that match your wedding. Or you like LA MER but want different shades and hues. Also too you’ve found something online you like that you’d want to replicate, but more personalized to your style! I can do any of the above. We can even set up a group Pinterest board to share ideas.

So you've chosen your set! Now lets figure out the details for each card.


This card is usually much more casual and less detailed than the formal invite and goes out a few months in advance to the rest. Here are some of the wording options to choose from regarding the details I'll need to know for this card:


  • First Names

  • First and Middle

  • First and Last

  • Full Names

  • First and Middle of Bride, Full of Groom


  • 06.05.18

  • June 5, 2018

  • June Fifth, Two Thousand and Eighteen

  • Tuesday, June Fifth, Two Thousand and Eighteen


  • Location (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Venue Name and Location (Heinz Chapel, Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Full address

  • Something to keep in mind: Do you want everything fully spelled out or use abbreviations? (e.g. Rd/Road, PA/Pennsylvania)


  • Do you want to include the time of your ceremony on the Save the Date?

  • Timing wording:

  • 4:00 PM

  • Four O’Clock

  • Four O’Clock in the Afternoon


  • Do you want to include your wedding website url on your Save the Date?


Opening wording for the formal invitation

  • Mr. & Mrs. Bride’s Parents

  • Mr. & Mrs. (father’s first name and middle initial) Last Name

  • Mr. & Mrs. ___ _ X along with Mr. & Mrs. ___ _ X (both full names)

  • Together with their parents

  • You are formally invited to the wedding of…

  • Etc.

After the opening to the invitation, your names

  • Full names

  • First and last

  • First and middle

  • Bride’s first and middle, Groom’s full

Final wording on formal invite

  • Request the honor of your presence in celebration of their marriage

  • Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter/children (depending on if you include parents in opening line


  • See Save the Date for time wording


  • See Save the Date for venue wording

  • Do you want to include the reception address on your invite, or keep it on the details card?

  • Both full addresses can be listed on the details card, and just keep the ceremony venue name on the invite

Final wording on invite

  • Dinner and dancing to follow

  • Reception to follow

  • Etc.


Wording for the heading

  • Details

  • Reception

  • Other: Let’s Celebrate!, Etc.


  • Formal Attire Requested

  • Semi Formal

  • Black Tie

  • Cocktail Attire

  • Etc.


  • Is your reception being held at a separate venue?

  • See Save the Date section for address wording


  • Do you need to include details for parking?:

  • Please park in the parking structure next to the building

    • Parking lane for the ceremony reserved from 2:00-4:15; please take the time after the ceremony to move your vehicle to the reception venue

    • Etc.


  • Do you have hotels blocked for your guests? Wording options could include:

    • Hotels reserved for your convenience, please view our website for more details

    • Hotels blocked for your convenience, call and ask for the Smith/Miller wedding

    • Etc.

Registry/Final details

  • The couple is registered at Target (etc.)

  • For more information and to view our registry, please visit our website

  • Etc.


Date to RSVP by

  • RSVP by XX.XX.XX

  • The favor of a response is requested by (see Save the Date section for date wording)

  • Kindly reply by (date wording)

  • Please respond by (date wording)

  • Etc.

Wording for marking the response section:

  • Joyfully accepts, regretfully declines

  • Wouldn’t miss it for the world, will celebrate from afar

  • Graciously accepts, respectfully declines

  • Accepts with pleasure, declines with regret

  • Will attend, unable to attend

  • Etc.

Do you want them to indicate the number of guests attending?

  • Include sub note under acceptance line (please indicate the number of guests in attendance)


Are you doing buffet or catering?

  • Buffet: A line to indicate any food intolerances

  • Catering: Listing the food options

    • If catering, consider adding wording for distinction in who gets what: Please initial the guests next to their food option of choice (etc.)


  • Do you want your guests to respond online?

    • Please RSVP via our website: URL

  • Do you want your guests to be able to make a song request? We can leave a line for that


That should just about cover all the details for the invitation suite! Your wedding can be further customized. Here are some other options to consider:


  • We can print directly on the envelopes for the invitation suite being mailed out

  • We can print return labels that match your suite. If you’re interested, we can also print sending labels too. The label option would end up being more cost efficient

  • We can include an RSVP envelope (printed on or just with a label)


  • As the day gets closer, we can design programs for the wedding ceremony that match your theme. You’ll need to give me all the information for the flow of events and how you want it worded, and I’ll make it match the rest of the stationery.


  • Seating charts

  • table numbers

  • name cards (can include food information on this card if you’re doing catering: Megan Smith, Chicken, etc.)

  • menu cards

    • sometimes when people do buffet style, they’ll have a menu card for the table or at each individual seat so the guests can know what they’ll be getting before going up

    • Other

      • indicator cards for food tables, etc.

        • cookie/dessert table; drinks: coffee, decaf, water, etc.; photo booth; hashtag: We want to see your pictures! Use our hashtag: x; etc.

If there are any other stationery requests you can think of that you’d like for your wedding day, we can certainly add those too! These are just a few other options to get you started.

I look forward to our consultation and planning your dream day!!