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Emily & Joshua | Invitation Suite

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

I'm SO excited to be sharing this couple's story with you!! Emily and Joshua were my first ever clients. I remember back when I was just daydreaming about one day having my own stationery business, and Emily was already on board. I told her about my idea to do this wedding business and sent her SnapChats of the very first sets I was working on, and she would screenshot every single one of them! As an artist, it's so nerve racking to step out and share your work with the world, not knowing if others will like it and support your vision; but it was the most amazing thing with Emily to have her rallying behind me so early on. Before I even had a website, shared anything on social media, or let alone had anything PRINTED, Emily and Joshua asked me to work with them!! I genuinely cried happy tears when she asked me to do her set. I couldn't believe that I had my first clients!!

The Fleur | Rouge set was actually designed based off of their wedding colors. It was such a unique design, with burgundy and navy and blush tones and greenery... I loved it so much, and as I started sharing it with others and saw their reactions, I decided to make it a template. To this day it is one of the most asked for sets!

Anyways--enough from me. Here's a little from Emily and Joshua!

Hi, there! We’re Joshua and Emily, and we have the distinct honor of calling ourselves Sarah’s First Clients. When we started the stationary search, it was both exciting and overwhelming. There were so many beautiful options out there but we were not looking forward to paying the large prices we were seeing or choosing an inexpensive design and having to figure out how and where to print our stationary.

[Emily] When Sarah told me she was starting to work on some wedding suite designs, my ears definitely perked up. We’ve been friends since college, so I was familiar with her artistic abilities and was really excited to see what she came up with! Joshua and I really loved the idea of having someone we knew design our wedding invitations. It felt much more personal and “us.” Even if you weren’t friends with Sarah before seeking her design services, she will quickly worm her way into your heart and you will feel like you have known her forever!

As for our style and vision, we knew we wanted something romantic, polished, beautiful, and floral. Not the kind of cold, perfectionistic beauty you cannot touch or attain, but something that was warm, loving, and open. Our wedding colors are more of a palette than two shades that are represented everywhere, and they are burgundy, navy, cream, blush, and gold. We are also planning on incorporating greenery, like eucalyptus! Looking at Sarah’s collections, we knew that the ‘Fleur’ collection was the one for us! Sarah created a wedding suite for us that incorporated our colors and vision into them, and she knocked it out of the park!

Sarah created a save-the-date, invitation, details card, and RSVP card for us. She made the design process easy and I have to give a testament to her patience while working with me, she was willing to edit and modify until they were perfect! When we had an initial design meeting with her, she took the time to get to know our vision and what we wanted, down to the specific wording on every piece. This was a learning process for both Joshua and me AND Sarah – we were her first clients, after all. She did a wonderful job going with the flow and being open to switching tactics, which was helpful in navigating the process.

We are so proud to show people our wedding stationary, and I am always sure to drop Sarah’s name! Her work is beautiful and far beyond what we could have dreamed, I cannot recommend her enough. As a friend and client, I am so proud and excited to send these out and have people see her work!

[Joshua] Okay, so here's the thing: I understand nothing. I have absolutely no idea about what makes an RSVP card good, or what is supposed to be on a Save-the-Date. Like I said, I understand nothing. However, I can speak to Sarah's character, specifically in the way in which she was so willing to help both Emily and me. She listened to our ideas and was able to create the most beautiful invitations for us. She was helpful, understanding, and creative, all the while being encouraging, flexible, and genuinely excited for us. I would highly recommend Sarah above anyone else!

Emily and Joshua had their lovely engagement pictures shot by Lindsey Ford Photography incorporated into their Save the Dates. One of the questions I get asked most by couples is if I can use their pictures in their invitation suites--and the answer is yes, absolutely! They can be printed on glossy/matte photo paper, or on card stock like the rest of the cards, it's all up to you! For more information on details behind choosing your stationery and the customization process, click here.

Thank you for following along!! It's so exciting to finally be sharing the stories of the amazing people I'm working with.